If I can't be beautiful, I want to be invisible.

My name is Allie and I have been alive for 22 years.
I am hypocritical and contradict myself a lot.
I dream of the future while wishing for the past.
I mostly reside in Massachusetts or Vermont, but also sometimes Maine.

Photos of my Unphotogenic Self.
The Goings-On of my Not-So-Exciting Life
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I had a dream last night that aliens were starting to visibly appear in places on earth, only at night though and not to large groups of people, and the news was filled with coverage and photographs of pictures that people took of them.

Oh God, it was horrifying. I woke up and literally had to keep telling myself it was just a dream until I passed out again.

Then I had a dream and it was interesting and I enjoyed it, but the only part I remember is this fuzzy bumble bee creature that was completely harmless but would puff up like a puffer fish when it got nervous. I wouldn’t mind if that existed for reals.